The Vanderbilt Vanguard is an online, student-run STEM publication. Our goal is to share students’ experiences with science on a personal and professional scale.

Current Staff (Fall 2022)

Sara Bottome: Editor-In-Chief

Major(s): Biochemistry

Hometown: Boulder, Colorado

Why I like the Vanguard: I enjoy writing for the Vanguard because of the freedom that comes with researching and choosing a topic to write an article on, as well as the challenge of writing in an accurate and understandable way for people from all different academic backgrounds to understand. As the Editor-in-Chief, I am looking forward to shaping the future of the paper and creating a more close-knit community of staff.

Fun Fact: I can lick my left elbow, but not my right elbow!

Avery Fortier: Managing Editor and Chemistry & EES Editor

Major(s): Molecular & Cellular Biology, MHS

Hometown: Lexington, Massachusetts

Why I joined the Vanguard: I joined the Vanguard because I love talking about my research to anyone who will listen! Vanguard also sparks my curiosity and allows me to learn about others’ discoveries. I can’t wait for another year working to make STEM more accessible.

Fun fact: I’ve helped baby sea turtles hatch!

Brian Kim: Associate Editor

Major(s): MHS, Neuroscience

Hometown: Germantown, Maryland

Why I joined the Vanguard: I joined the Vanguard because I thought it would be a fun way to express my interest in science and grow my skills as a writer.

Fun fact: I’m really good at Mario Kart Wii!

Otobong Udofia: Outreach Coordinator

Major(s): Biochemistry

Hometown: Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Why I joined the Vanguard: I want to get into science communications/journalism when I graduate, so I thought this would be a good club to hone my writing skills. I also enjoy the process of interviewing scientists.

Fun fact: I’ve been in three different musicals!